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Supes to Consider Courthouse Emergency Ordinance Tuesday

March 25, 2012 68 comments

Humboldt CountyThe Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will consider an urgency ordinance “to Address Health and Safety Issues at the Humboldt County Courthouse” at its meeting on Tuesday.

The ordinance would make it a violation of the law to be on the grounds of the Courthouse from 9:30 PM to 6 AM, with exceptions for people attending public meetings or being released from the jail or walking to or from a vehicle parked in the parking lot.

Among other things, the ordinance would make it illegal to erect a temporary windbreak, awning, or similar structure; to secure any object to county property or run a string across county property or put a self-stabilized object on county property.

The language of the ordinance is here:

Update:  Quotation marks removed from the words “Emergency Ordinance” in the headline.  It’s an urgency ordinance, declared as such due to the supposed existence of an emergency.  See comments section.

DA presser on Occupy Eureka

December 6, 2011 108 comments
  • Gallegos ordered ousting of courthouse camp — calls for patience
  • Right to protest protected, he said
  • Saggy long johns!

[Press release -- December 5, 2011] In early November, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office requested that the Eureka Police Department act to remove the tents erected on the Courthouse lawn located at 825 Fifth Street in Eureka. These tents appeared to have been erected by participants in the Occupy Wall Street protest being held in the same area.

District Attorney Paul Gallegos said that public safety concerns prompted the action because the tents were essentially unauthorized and unmonitored structures in close proximity to the courthouse.

“The right to protest is guaranteed by the First Amendment and our action was in no way designed to interfere with that,” said Gallegos. “But we do have an obligation to protect the community. The safety of the approximately 300 employees and 300 jail inmates in the county jail had to be our priority.”

The Eureka Police Department has continued to respond to general public safety concerns and specific requests by county officials to ensure that protestors remain peaceful, do not set up or maintain tents, structures or other means of camping on courthouse property, or interfere with the public’s ability to enjoy public spaces.

“We ask for everyone’s patience and understanding both toward their fellow citizens and toward their elected officials who are trying to find the middle ground between protecting the public and protecting individual rights and freedoms.” Gallegos said. “The Eureka Police Department acts at the direction and under the authority of the City of Eureka and responds to community and citizen complaints. If officers observe what they believe to be violations of the law, they must respond with admonitions and/or arrests. If individuals refuse to comply with lawful orders or unnecessarily escalate a situation and put themselves, the officers and others at risk, those individuals will face arrest and prosecution.”

[Photo credit Mikal Jakubal from his new blog Civilized Disobedience. Check out his reports on west coast Occupy camps during "Occupy I-5."]

KIEM claims copyright on poop and pee footage

November 18, 2011 47 comments

It appears that KIEM (Channel 3 TV Nooze) would like you to forget about that whole “who pooped and peed on the bank” incident as shown by the message in place of where the footage shot by its reporters used to be (see Gawker, Lost Coast Outpost).

KIEM was soooo sure of its reporters’ professionalism that raw footage of an attempt to pin a pile of sidewalk poop on Occupy Eureka protesters was posted to the station website.  Reporter Betsy Lambert also uploaded it to YouTube.

But when people far and wide began criticizing Lambert’s infamous refrain, she un-YouTubed it.

Now KIEM appears to be moving to scrub all evidence of the incident from the internets.  Good luck with that.  A quick search of YouTube shows several other people grabbed the footage and reposted it for all their friends to see.

The whole world is watching.

Eureka drama kings vs. level-headed Arcata

November 17, 2011 103 comments

Occupy Eureka City Hall

November 15, 2011 118 comments

The public comment period at Tuesday’s Eureka City Council meeting was mostly a smart and civil string of remarks in support of the goals of the global Occupy movement by activists, labor organizers and a local US Marine. They noted energy, economic and financial policies that enrich the 1% while leaving the 99% and the environment in shambles.

To bring it down to the local level some spoke against the job-killing mega-monstrosity known as Wal-Mart. One noted that city officials know which “mystery tenant” is moving into the Bayshore Mall but won’t release it to the public.

WalMart takes money away from the local economy to feed its mammoth influence as a “corporate person.” Instead of offering real job solutions WalMart will set Eureka on a race toward the bottom, forcing workers to rely on a diminishing public safety net to pad their low wages.

Eureka residents voted in 1999 to keep WalMart off the Balloon Track and thus, out of Eureka.

Short post-raid videos at Occupy Eureka

November 14, 2011 107 comments

Singer Josephine Johnson posted a few (thankfully) short interview videos shot after the Monday morning police raid on Occupy Eureka. She got comments from Sheriff Mike Downey, two Occupiers, and this gentleman who doesn’t fit the negative stereotypes promoted by the anti-Occupy movement.

Occupy Eureka camp cleared by police for second time

November 14, 2011 113 comments

The Eureka Police Dept. staged an early morning raid on the Occupy Eureka camp in front of the Humboldt County courthouse this morning.  About 20-25 people were arrested according to various sources.

Photo by Kay Recede.

The raid follows a Saturday night clash between Occupiers and EPD.  Activists say one of their group, Hans Ashbaucher was arrested and denied medical care after complaining of injured ribs after cops arrested him for shooting video.  Another video of the incident is online but impossible to see what happened due to darkness.

North Coast Journal: Occupy Eureka Wiped Out (PHOTOS)

Vets Occupy Everywhere on Veterans Day

November 12, 2011 120 comments

Military veterans joined with Occupy protests across the country, including the City of Eureka, on Veterans Day.

But as noted in The Nation, vets are a common presence in the Occupy movement, especially since the Oakland Police shot one of their own in the face with a non-lethal projectile on October 25th.

Scott Olsen served two tours in Iraq before moving to the Bay Area, only to be sent to hospital in critical condition by OPD.  Coincidentally, Olsen was released on Veterans Day.

Photo by Mitch Trachtenberg.


November 9, 2011 42 comments

Gawker brings Eureka “poop and pee” circus to a national audience

November 9, 2011 76 comments

UPDATE: The smell of this whole thing is really getting out of hand.  Now hear this:

Who Pooped And Peed on the Bank: The Song


Original post: It was brought to our attention last night that KIEM reporter Betsy Lambert removed the raw footage of her quest to find out who “poop[ed] and pee[d] on the bank” from her YouTube page, thereby forcing the Humboldt Herald to update links on our original post on the story.

But the footage is not gone from the internet, not by a long shot.  The website Gawker has picked it up and questions if this was an actual news reporter seeking out an actual story.

What can we say except, “Welcome to Eureka!”

Gawker: Reporter’s Quest to Find out ‘Who Pooped on the Bank?’ Ends on Awkward Note

(h/t LoCO: BREAKING: KIEM Poop and Pee Footage Enters the National Discourse!)


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