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Dell’Arte Benefit for International Student Aid

[The following is from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater in Blue Lake.]

Last Friday morning one of our current international students received word that his father passed away. This is never easy, but is particularly difficult for a young person who is halfway around the world from his family. Since the student is here on a full scholarship from Dell’Arte, he had no funds or means to make it home. We made the decision quickly to get him on a plane and within a couple of hours we had him heading back to his home. After four flights, he made it in time for the burial last Sunday. We feel strongly that this was the right thing to do; however, it was not something we had planned for in our already stretched budget.

Therefore… next Thursday, March 15, we will be holding a benefit performance of the first year students’ melodrama show. All proceeds will go toward paying off the airfare for this student’s ticket and any additional proceeds will go into a fund for future emergencies such as this. Tickets are $25 – and we are hoping to get commitments to sell-out the house.

Benefit: Thursday, March 15th Tickets-$25
Friday, March 16th-pay what you can
Saturday, March 17th-pay what you can

All shows start at 8:00.

Melodrama is based on the play between human circumstances that are tragically irreversible and the triumph of virtues-courage, love, honor and justice. Grand emotions are a theme ever present within a form where good matches evil and characters believe in absolute values with such conviction that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for them.

The students studying melodrama at Dell’Arte are taken outside the stereotype of Nell and Snidely Whiplash and given a moral universe where people struggle with, loyalty, honor, justice…against deceit, greed, intolerance…where society, the elements and fate are characters to be reckoned with…where one is encouraged to expect the best from one’s fellows and to invoke into the direst of odds, The Triumph of Virtue.

The first year students of Dell’Arte International, will present 7 evolving pieces entitled “Saved at Last From the Awful Flood of Life,” as the culmination of their five-week study of melodrama.

Opening night of “Saved at Last From the Awful Flood of Life”, will be a fundraiser benefiting International Student Aid. This past week, one of our international students experienced an unexpected tragedy with the loss of an immediate family member. The Dell’Arte famiglia responded quickly and booked all flights necessary to fly our student back to his home country for his father’s funeral and burial. At Dell’Arte we believe that no student should feel helpless when facing a tragedy, even when halfway around the world from their family. Please join us for a benefit for International Student Aid on Thursday, March 15th.

Tickets for Thursday, March 15th will be $25. Tickets for Friday, March 16th and Saturday, March 17th are pay what you can. All shows start at 8:00

Tickets available @707-668-5663 Ext.20 or on our website at www.dellarte.com.

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