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Risk of major quake 40%+ over next 50 years

A new study from researchers at Oregon State University estimates a greater than 40% chance of a major earthquake within 50 years on the southern segment of the Cascadian Subduction Zone.  The study seems to have received more coverage in Oregon than in our area, but nobody has told the subduction zone about the state border, and the segment with the high risk extends well into Northern California.

According to the new study (pdf), major earthquakes tend to strike the southern end of the Cascadia Subduction Zone every 240 years or so, and we’re overdue.

More info here: http://scienceblog.com/55901/northwest-earthquake-risk-looms-large-oregon-especially-vulnerable/  Also, Humboldt State University has a web site with suggestions for earthquake preparedness.

  1. August 8, 2012 at 11:32 am

    I felt a very small earthquake last Saturday in Western Trinity, I thought it might have been the wind shifting the house, but no wind. It turned out it was a small 1.5 mag quake over near Mt. Shasta.
    I’ve just gotten e-mails from family down in Yorba Linda, that they’re have a few good ones right now.

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