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Eureka cell tower draft ordinance ready

May 10, 2010 62 comments

Guest post by Xandra Grube

A task force was formed in 2009 to prepare an ordinance to regulate the installation of cell phone towers in Eureka. This task force has put out a draft wireless tower ordinance, available at or at the Department of Community Development in City Hall.

Eureka has already approved numerous cell phone towers (at least 12) as utility installations. Several months ago, a cell phone tower was approved in a residential neighborhood where a use permit was required and there was a huge neighborhood outcry against locating it there. Over 90 people objected to the tower and came to repeated hearings to voice their objections.

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Cell tower bans legal, court says

October 29, 2009 27 comments

no-cell-towerFrom the LA Times:

Earlier this month, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the seaside community [of Palos Verdes Estates against Sprint], ruling that city officials could bar the construction of unsightly cellular towers. The city’s victory was hailed by urban planners concerned about the proliferation of visual blight in the name of technological progress.

Like Palos Verdes Estates, San Francisco, San Diego County, La Cañada Flintridge and other communities have fought the purveyors of cellular service in court on aesthetic grounds and, for the most part, have won. The recent legal disputes, planners say, could encourage telecommunications companies to develop more creative alternatives amenable to residents’ concerns — or spur more litigation.

An earlier discussion on Eureka’s continued suck-up to cell tower profiteers included a question of which cities had successfully banned the big ugly property value-killers.  Looks like the list will grow.

Cell tower moratorium fails — again

October 21, 2009 28 comments

Eureka City Councilman Mike Jones.

A majority of the Eureka City Council voted for a 45-day moratorium on cell towers within city limits, but it failed due to a requirement of a 4/5 vote.

Eureka City Councilman Mike Jones scoffed at the idea, despite previous posturing that he would move on the issue.

“I don’t need a fire under my keister or a gun to my head” to craft an ordinance on new wireless facilities, Jones said last May. Nearly six months later he’s still faithfully representing cell tower interests and stalling resolution to this controversial issue.

Councilwoman Linda Atkins said the 45-day deadline would help push a resolution.  But Jones is content to keep his butt on ice — and Eureka neighborhoods in turmoil.

Councilman Frank Jager stayed true to his comments during the last hubbub and voted for the moratorium. But Jones was joined by fellow cell tower adherent Jeff Leonard to keep the status quo.

Moratorium supporters stayed until after 10pm to speak to the Council, only to see it again go down flames.

More excitement than you can shake a cell tower at

May 18, 2009 72 comments


An exciting announcement by soon-to-be-termed-out-of-office Eureka City Councilman Jeff Leonard?  What could it possibly be?

GRINDING HALT: Cell tower hits the skids

April 23, 2009 134 comments

no-cell-tower2The Eureka City Council issued a stop-work order for the Verizon cell tower planned for Henderson Center’s Apostolic Church at a special meeting Thursday afternoon.

The Council voted 3-2 to squash the tower, with Councilmembers Mike Jones and Jeff Leonard dissenting as predicted.

The Council stopped short of revoking the Conditional Use Permit, and will take up that issue at its next regularly scheduled meeting on May 5th.

During public comment one speaker used her three minutes at the mic to play the old protest song, “Eve of Destruction.”  Sources say the room had an uncomfortable silence for the first 30 seconds of the song, but quickly turned into giggles and laughter when Jones began mouthing the words and playing “air harmonica.”

And it was indeed just air.  The proposed tower site is in Jones’ ward and he has supported Verizon — rather than his constituents — at every turn.

UPDATE:  Read more from Richard Marks.

SPECIAL MEETING: Cell tower heads for final vote

April 22, 2009 71 comments

Cell tower disguised as a cross.

The Eureka City Council will hold a special meeting at 2pm Thursday to decide the fate of the controversial cell tower planned for Henderson Center.

The Council will decide whether to issue a stop work order and revoke the permit for the tower at the Apostolic Church on Harris Street.  Such action appears to have majority support — Councilmembers Linda Atkins, Larry Glass and Frank Jager have sided with the neighbors who vehemently oppose the tower.

Verizon says it will sue the city in Federal Court if the permit is revoked.

“Despite all their efforts to strangle the baby in the cradle, Mike Jones, Dave Tyson and Jeff Leonard could not prevent Eureka City Council members Glass, Atkins and Jager from doing the right thing and asserting their right to review, and possibly revoke, the Planning Commission’s decision on the Henderson Center Cell Tower from a week ago,” said neighbor Neal Latt.  “Justice may yet prevail in Henderson Center.”

(Image source.)

Cell tower hearing tonight

April 13, 2009 92 comments

Henderson Center residents hope to thwart the growing trend of cell towers on church properties, such as this 63-footer in Bloomington, MN, from coming to their neighborhood.

Henderson Center residents opposed to the construction of a 60-ft cell tower in their neighborhood on the property of the Apostolic Church will get a hearing tonight before the Eureka Planning Commission.

The City Council sent the issue back to the Commission after construction on the cell tower began before all the permits were in place.

Here’s hoping the Commission will help Verizon and the church “do the right thing” as Councilman Frank Jager said, and nix this ill-conceived plan.

Meeting starts at 5:30 at Eureka City Hall.

[Image source.]

Thou shant have a public hearing on the cell tower

March 4, 2009 38 comments

But there “may” be an independent looksee when cops kill citizens

shall-not-passHumboldt County officials have run the English language through a cheese grater during recent public meetings.

First, neighbors in the crash zone under the Apostolic Chruch’s planned cell tower were frustrated again at the February 24th City Council meeting upon learning that the word “shall” is meaningless in Eureka’s municipal code.

After the city issued a stop-work order to Verizon, residents cited local laws requiring that permit violations “shall” go back to the Planning Commission for a public hearing.  The neighbors want a hearing to address cracks in the Apostolic Church building near the tower site.

But city attorney Sheryl Schaffner told meeting goers that “shall” might mean maybe when it comes to enforcement of code violations.  The city staff, city manager and mayor cheered this interpretation.

The Humboldt Herald was still pondering this bizarre event while catching the March 3rd Board of Supervisors hearing on the controversial Coroner-Sheriff consolidation issue.

Deja vu struck when McKinleyville resident David Elsebusch read from a Government Code that said Supervisors “shall fill by appointment any vacated position.”  Apparently Elsebusch hasn’t heard the bad news that shall doesn’t mean shall.

But things got worse when public concern couldn’t be satisfied over conflicts of interest stemming from any future deaths caused by police.

Supervisor Bonnie Neely was untroubled by such questions, but threw some language in her motion for consolidation that stated all persons who die at the hands of an officer will have an autopsy to determine the cause of death and (pay attention here) the case may be reviewed by independent auditor.

Talk about weak.  May?  Please.

This sorry situation brings to mind the lyrics of that old song, “I Really Like the Cops.”

I Really Like the Cops
Just to see them makes me high
I hope that I get taken into custody and die
And I hope that all the details in the Coroner’s report
Get thrown into the dumpster so it won’t get heard in court.

But as long as we may get an independent review, well phew! Problem solved.

Cell tower moratorium vote tonight

November 18, 2008 25 comments

no-cell-towerThe Eureka City Council will vote tonight on a 45-day moratorium on wireless communication facilities in the city.  The vote comes after protests over a planned tower for Apostolic Faith Church, and the failure to notify neighbors of the plan.

The moratorium won’t stop the church tower, but will give the city time to craft an ordinance that will withstand scrutiny by the cell phone industry’s army of lobbyists.

The meeting starts at 6:30.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Apostolic Church neighbors are getting ready to sue.

UPDATE from the Times-Standard (11/19/08): No cell tower moratorium

Celling out the ‘hood

March 6, 2009 25 comments

apostolic_church(Henderson Center resident Kindrick Ownby emailed the Humboldt Herald to lay out his neighbors’ concerns over the Apostolic Church’s plan to build a cell tower on the church grounds.  The image is from Google Street View.  The cross appears to foretell what the tower will look like after a moderate earthquake. –Ed.)


In your recent article you said “The neighbors want a hearing to address cracks in the Apostolic Church building near the tower site.”

What we really want is a planning commission hearing on the siting of a cell tower in our residential area. We want a re-hearing because many of us did not receive the notification of the original hearing, and found out about the tower after the appeal period had passed.

Please, if you have a chance, read the following document which we are making available to the city council members, some of them in person. I started the document and two other members of Henderson Center Concerned Citizens made it better.



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