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GALLEGOS WINS: Blogger vows jihad 4 more years

December 13, 2010 76 comments

McKinleyville’s Rose Welsh hoped the November election would hand victory to her favored candidate for Humboldt County District Attorney so she could finally abandon her blog targeting DA Paul Gallegos — the ominously titled

But Gallegos won and Angry McAngrypants is blistering mad.  Any media mention of the election triggers a semi-coherent and accusatory rant from Rose’s anti-Paul headquarters.

A blogger outside Humboldt County, Lisa Derrick, learned the hard way.  After reporting the Gallegos re-election on, Rose responded like a skunk rather than a flower, allowing foul personal attacks on Derrick in the comment section despite a stated moderation standard that would limit such things.  In contrast, civilized and topical comments that disagreed with Rose’s holy war had a tougher time getting through.

Derrick’s response with links to the entire affair is here.

Former Jackson campaign manager aims for Eureka City Council seat

December 13, 2010 44 comments

Today is the last day to apply for Frank Jager’s now-vacant slot on the Eureka City Council following his successful election to the gavel-pounding mayor’s seat.  If you have political aspirations, love the proposed Marina Center with all your heart and can take orders from short-tempered developers and their minions, apply today!

The Times-Standard noted two hopefuls in Saturday’s paper: Jeff Lamoree, president of the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation and Ron Pierre, former campaign manager to Allison Jackson’s failed run for Humboldt County District Attorney.  The T-S neglected to mention Pierre’s connection to camp Jackson.

Despite a major conservative sweep in the City of Eureka during the November elections, the greater County of Humboldt rejected the (mostly) conservative-backed candidate for DA.

HuffPo: Gallegos win keeps California progressive

November 30, 2010 30 comments

The mega-blog Huffington Post reports on the Gallegos victory:

While Gallegos’s vision reaches beyond the boundaries of Humboldt County, he is very focused on the overarching needs of the community. Gallegos’ win, coupled with Kamala Harris’ victory as Attorney General, maintains California as a progressive state geared towards the betterment of its populace through a judicious approach.

Jackson lies about yet another endorsement

October 21, 2010 144 comments

Allison Jackson

[Letter from Francine Slaughter Schulman to the Times-Standard and North Coast Journal.]

I want to report another false Allison Jackson endorsement.  An advertisement in both the Times-Standard and the North Coast Journal incorrectly and inappropriately listed me as an endorser of Ms. Jackson.  The false ad may have also been included in other local papers.

Not only do I not endorse Ms. Jackson at this time, I specifically told Ms Jackson, with her campaign manager present and with several days before the ad was published, that I was not prepared to endorse her in the race against Paul Gallegos for the position of District Attorney.   Consequently, I was shocked, disappointed and remain upset that Ms. Jackson would have the audacity to put my name on an advertised list without my permission. Because of my history as a victim of crime, she should be doubly ashamed of herself.  Then there’s the question: How many others on the list have not endorsed her? Unfortunately the damage has already been done. Ms. Jackson let this ad be published with full knowledge of my position. This is not the type of leadership I want in my District Attorney.

While looking into this issue of false endorsements using the same papers that ran Ms. Jackson’s current false ad,  I was reminded about a similar endorsement debacle involving Allison Jackson and Betty Chin during the primary DA elections [see Jackson blows it with Betty]. At that time, it was the wonderful Ms. Chin who was erroneously listed as a Jackson endorser.  When Ms. Chin asked for her name to be removed,  Ms. Jackson bizarrely tried to cover it up by claiming that Ms. Chin was somehow politically harassed into removing her name, which proved untrue. “Cover up” is not a term I want to use when describing my District Attorney.

Although it is very close to election time,  I request Allison Jackson be required from this point forward to specifically confirm that the people she features in her ads are actual supporters and not just passing acquaintances.  I want my District Attorney to base decisions on evidence, not convenience.  I want my District Attorney to be a truth seeker. I want my District Attorney to be a fair-minded leader whose ends do not justify the means. I want my District Attorney to not prey upon the innocent.

UPDATE: More comments from Ms. Schulman about this situation.

Gallegos on the Jackson firing

October 18, 2010 34 comments

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos fired his current political challenger Allison Jackson in 2004. He said in a recent forum that prosecutors who can’t meet the basic requirements of honesty, fairness and competence are unfit to work for the people of the State of California.

Domestic Violence focus of first DA forum

September 28, 2010 86 comments

Humboldt County District Attorney candidates Paul Gallegos and Allison Jackson fielded questions at the Eureka Inn Monday night about domestic violence (DV).

Listen to it KHUM.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen,” Gallegos greeted the audience at the 6pm event.  He called DV a “pervasive illness in our communities” and said it’s important for people to know its prevalence.

Jackson said repercussions of domestic abuse and child maltreatment are “endless,” and said such cases are the reason she is running for office.

Moderators interrupted Gallegos early in the forum when he mentioned a defendant he had prosecuted, telling him the “rules require we not talk about specific cases.”

However, later in the forum, Jackson said the DA had a case where a woman had been raped by a man who broke into her house, but that Gallegos plea bargained the case simply for trespass. Moderators didn’t interject during her comment, and Jackson didn’t mention the defendant’s name.

How does she know a rape occurred if the defendant was not charged and found guilty, or admitted guilt?  Jackson says people are innocent until proven guilty, but perhaps not in this case.

In the real world, of course, abuses happen that are never prosecuted.  But this stark claim needs an investigation. Anyone with info on the case please leave it in the comments or contact the Herald.

This isn’t the first shocking allegation Jackson has leveled at Gallegos about a DV case, and she’s also been shown to twist the truth to vilify Gallegos.  We’ll see how this one shakes out.

DA candidate forum on Domestic Violence Monday

September 25, 2010 32 comments

September 27: DA candidate forum on domestic violence and child abuse, 6-8 pm, at the Eureka Inn.

The questions have been crafted by members of the Humboldt County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council, and have been designed to elicit attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about, as well as demonstrated commitment to, the issues of domestic violence and child abuse prevention.  Members of the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of challenger Allison Jackson and incumbent Paul Gallegos. This is a non-partisan event.  The event is free.

KHUM will air it live.