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JOE BONINO: Walking like a liar with his pants on fire

October 14, 2012 103 comments

The race for Eureka City Council took a downturn Thursday when challenger Joe Bonino stuffed local mailboxes with some bonafide Bonino bologna aimed at incumbent Linda Atkins.

The Lost Coast Outpost outlines the BS in Joe’s bullet-pointed mailer, and questions why the darling of the right would flush his nice guy image with such a Negative Nellie approach.

The mailer’s flipside boldly claims that Bonino, a Republican, has the endorsement of Democrats and moderates. In fact, the word “Republican” doesn’t appear anywhere on the mailer. Maybe he’s embarrassed, but more likely his aim is to trick voters with Democratic Party leanings. It’s an oft-used ploy by Eureka righties.

If Joe Bonino “walks the talk” as his campaign signs claim, voters should take note of the deception in his bold print. He’s obviously loose with his words.

Linda Atkins vs. the Marina Center

August 26, 2012 278 comments

Election season in Eureka is resurrecting the corpse of Rob Arkley’s Marina Center — the proposed big box mall-on-Humboldt-Bay that will breathe new life into Old Town with tourists and newcomers whose minds will blow and wallets unfold at the sight of a Home Depot beside a massive asphalt parking lot. Just wait.

Deeper depths of innovation heretofore unplunged, folks.

The last liberal hold-out on the Eureka City Council, Linda Atkins, is being challenged by a Republican — one who hasn’t even switched parties because such levels of deceit are no longer necessary in Eureka.

Atkins will face Joe Bonino, who says the Marina Center mall will be a boon to Old Town.

Eureka Mayor Frank Jager is ready to lead the flock with nary a dissenting voice. Bonino “would be a better fit for the way the council is constituted now,” he said about the 4-1 ratio of Arkley back-rubbers to the un-kool-aided.

New Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn is happy a “good” person is running. Only bad people raise the ire of Arkley — as Atkins did the first time she ran. Longtime readers will remember that she didn’t know the identity of the raving lunatic yelling at her on the sidewalk. But four years later that fire still burns the gentleman’s rich (yet tender) hide.

Arkley surely finds comfort in the fact that his long campaign of bullshit surrounding the Marina Center has nearly won him a 5-0 majority on the Eureka City Council, and a majority of the Humboldt Board of Supervisors.

Two years ago Arkley paid $30,000 to put a fake-o measure on the ballot promising Marina Center Now!, which achieved nothing but the election of the dimly-lit “Brady Bunch.”

Ever playing the victim, Arkley has long-blamed liberal meanies on the Coastal Commission for blocking his genius plan, but in reality his own stonewalling caused the delays of which he complains.

It’s been quiet on the Marina Center front of late, but the political game of chess plays on, and the pawns are in their places. If there is need of a check-mate at city hall, Arkley already has it. But that one-party system envisioned by Karl Rove is not yet complete in Eureka. And what better way to bring the Home Depot mall back into public discussion than with a GOPer who is already cozy with the local Good Old Boy power network.

Election Day is November 6th.

Polls close at 8pm — last chance to vote!

June 5, 2012 2 comments

As of this posting you have 22 minutes to get to your precinct and vote in the 2012 Primary Election. Go do it!


June 4, 2012 43 comments

Fear and bad behavior seem to be inherent in the Bohn for Supervisor campaign. Cheryl Seidner ain’t having it.

Cheryl Seidner for Supervisor fundraiser in Loleta

May 29, 2012 29 comments

ACLU to host supe candidates debate

May 22, 2012 4 comments

The local American Civil Liberties Union will hold a debate on Civil Liberties between candidates for Humboldt County Supervisor (District 1) on Friday, May 25th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Access Humboldt Channel 11 will air the debate live.


Wiyot Taco fundraiser for Seidner

May 11, 2012 14 comments

[Press alert]

The campaign to elect Cheryl Seidner for First District Supervisor will be holding a “Wiyot Taco” fundraiser this Saturday at the Humboldt Grange on Humboldt Hill. The evening will begin at 5:00, and will include live music by The Joe Garceau Band, food and drink, raffle items and a silent auction.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for a suggested donation of $20, but pay-what-you-can is always acceptable.

Please join us to support Cheryl Seidner and putting people first!
Saturday, May 12th at 5:00
Humboldt Grange, 5845 Humboldt Hill Road
For more information, contact