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EUREKA: A “World Class Port”

August 13, 2012 36 comments

Based on a short visit from one big luxury ship — which couldn’t even dock on the Eureka side of Humboldt Bay  — Eureka’s port is “world class,” according to this too-long YouTube video.



Local crazy talk gets national attention

June 24, 2012 110 comments

Or rather, a kooky conspiracy theory spouted by local developer types is included in a list compiled by The AtlanticInside Agenda 21: The International Tyranny of Bike Lanes.

Humboldt joins Georgia, North Carolina and El Dorado County (among others) as places where Republicans are raving about a wicked plot to make people embrace ideas like sustainable growth and non-motorized transportation.

From the article:

Agenda 21 is right now an important issue that is being passionately debated in many state legislatures around the country, but it’s mostly been ignored by our national leaders and the press. It is being ignored because it is an insane conspiracy theory… [Agenda 21] makes your standard calls for sustainable growth — energy conservation and all that. “Principle 1: Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.”

But to some conservatives, all that do-gooder speak is actually just a cover for something much more sinister: the creation of a new one world government.

In Eureka, the lunacy started early this month with an op-ed by Kay Backer, spokeswoman for local Republican big shot Rob Arkley.  Since then, failed Humboldt County Supervisor candidate Karen Brooks has taken up the bell-ringing in spirited wave of public comments and opinion pieces.

Not long ago Arkley and friends were trying to convince you that his proposed big box mall was “smart growth.”  Perhaps they were possessed by the devil. Or at least the U.N.

Dave Tyson announces retirement from City of Eureka

May 4, 2012 59 comments

If you are curious about the source of that speck of light way down at the end of the tunnel, it is this: Eureka City Manager Dave Tyson will step down from his post on December 28, 2012. Tyson made the announcement on KINS radio this afternoon. Listen to the good news here:

Tyson extended his contract with the city by two years after the 2010 election which swept a slate of his favored candidates into office. Since then he has come under fire for his unpopular firing of Eureka’s police chief, which incited a Dump Dave campaign by outraged citizens.

But Tyson is leading the effort to hire a new chief, and may well stick Eureka with the same regressive leadership that led to a string of officer-involved shootings in 2006. In fact, Tyson has cast a very small net in his search for a new chief, but has already interviewed former EPD Sgt. Michael Johnson, one of the SWAT shooters who murdered Eureka resident Cheri Lyn Moore in her G Street apartment that year.

So while the end of the Tyson reign is near, the legacy he leaves will likely continue to leach poison into the Victorian Seaport for years to come.

Happy Retirement, Larry Glass

May 3, 2012 27 comments

Former Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass is moving on from the record store biz, but don’t expect to see him lounging around the Humboldt fog doing nothing. Glass is currently president of the board of the Northcoast Environmental Center, but he tells the North Coast Journal he intends to “enjoy life more” now that he’s turned the store over to longtime employee Bandon Taylor.

NCJ: Larry Glass Bids Farewell to The Works

Wine of Summer

May 1, 2012 55 comments

Get a taste of the movie by local film maker Maria Matteoli that was partially filmed in Eureka.

Stolen bikes reveal generous community

April 25, 2012 3 comments

Donated bikes (seen at right) are already arriving following an 8-bike heist at Alice Birney Elementary School.  Info below on how to give if you can.

By Natalie Arroyo and Melanie Williams.

Let’s turn this bummer of a situation on its head! Have any kids bikes to donate?!

The Alice Birney Elementary bike program just suffered a huge blow…the 8 bikes that the students have been working on all semester were just stolen. The kids were set to ride these bikes in the Rhody Parade, Tour of the Unknown Coast, Bike to School Day and Alice Birney Bike Rodeo.

Brad Albee and Melanie Williams have been working with the students all year to prepare for these events and prepare their bikes. Alice Birney and the Public Health Branch also wrote a successful grant to support the upcoming bike rodeo and bike to school day event. This school bike program has been the most inspiring and effective youth bicycling program in the County – with dedicated students, teachers and community members supporting.

They are looking for donations of kids’ bikes to keep the students able to participate in all the programs for which they have trained. Specifically, geared 20” and 24” bikes, with hand brakes, in repairable condition.

If you have such a bike  to donate please take it to Adventure’s Edge (650 10th Street  Arcata, CA 95521 – 707.822-4673) so that it can be made street ready.

Monetary Donations can be sent to:
Alice Birney Bike Program
c/o Alice Birney Elementary School
717 South Avenue
Eureka, CA 95503


Wal-Mart “happy” to have last laugh on Eureka voters

April 23, 2012 71 comments

A Wal-Mart representative gushed over Wal-Mart’s pleasure surrounding it’s impending grand opening in Eureka on KMUD news Monday night.

You can believe the world’s biggest retailer is, uh, smiling. Wal-Mart spent $250,000 in Eureka during its failed 1999 special election to convince voters to approve a zoning change that would have allowed the scoundrel big-box to locate on the Balloon Tract. 61% of Eureka voted no.

The rep gave mostly stock answers to KMUD’s questions. She said the reason Wal-Mart’s new location at the Bayshore Mall was kept secret was because there was nothing to announce until there was something to announce, even though work was already underway.

But an inspector who had worked on about 30 Wal-Marts told the North Coast Journal, “I don’t understand the secrecy [over the new Eureka store]. I’ve never seen it before.”

That makes the Eureka case special. To stick it’s big middle finger in the face of Eureka voters, Wal-Mart had to be all tip-toe and hush-hush to avoid any threatening backlash, and it’s little yes-men-and-women at city hall dutifully played along.

Not only is Wal-Mart “happy,” it’s rubbing its hands together and cackling.