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ST. JOES: Women are baby factories

June 16, 2012 97 comments

Ladies, administrators at St. Joseph Hospital know what’s best for you.  Better even than you and your dumb old doctor.

It’s simple. The best thing for all you gals is the same — maintain your fertility  — regardless of the risks to you and yours.

The NCJ reports a “near-ban” on permanent birth control at the Eureka and other St. Joe’s hospitals:

Gynecologists are “incensed” by the hospital’s efforts to stop them from honoring patients’ requests to be sterilized, said Dr. Cherrie Andersen, and several doctors have spurned requests to take over as the next chief of staff for gynecology…

The new rules circulated at Thursday’s meeting said that doctors could not use a woman’s age, her psychological condition or the number of her previous pregnancies as medical grounds for sterilization. Doctors also would not be allowed to sterilize women whose future pregnancies might worsen serious heart, kidney or other conditions.

Sorry little Billy, Mommy suffered a pointless, preventable death because some superstitious geezers on Rome want it that way.

Long bike ride from Eureka to chemo

May 10, 2012 6 comments

[From The Patch]

It’s already a long trip from Nicole Nada’s home in Eureka to see her doctor in Greenbrae. Her next trip is going to take a lot longer.

Nicole is planning to embark on a bike trip, beginning in Eureka on May 15 and ending at the Marin Cancer Institute in Greenbrae on May 21, just in time for her first round of chemotherapy.

What a way to arrive. She’s blogging about her journey on her site

“Why the ride? Three reasons, most importantly for myself — I love to cycle and be active and it seemed like the perfect way to arrive at chemotherapy, something I am not crazy about receiving, but know I need,” Nicole said. “My blood will be pumping, and I will feel healthy and strong going into it and that is important to me. Then, to inspire others if they need/want inspiration, and lastly to raise some funds for two wonderful organizations.”



Danco selected to build Community Health Center

September 15, 2011 162 comments

[Press Release]

Open Door Community Health Centers has selected Danco Builders Northwest to construct its new 27,500 square foot community health center on Tydd Street in Eureka. “We are very pleased to select a local company for this important project. The construction will have immediate impact on our local economy and, in the long run, the finished health center will contribute more new jobs and opportunities to the area.” says Herrmann Spetzler, Chief Executive Officer of Open Door Community Health Centers. Danco was selected in a competitive bid process. “We’ve signed the contracts. We’re ready to go.”

According to Dan Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Danco Builders Northwest, “We recognize the importance of this project to the community on many levels. We’re excited that we can be part of expanding healthcare in our region. We believe this will be a showcase facility long into the future.”

Designed by HMR Architects of Sacramento, this is the second time Open Door and HMR have collaborated. “We opened a great new facility in Crescent City in 2007,” notes Cheyenne Spetzler, Open Door’s Chief Operating Officer. “We all learned from our Del Norte experience and the design of our new Eureka facility reflects our best thinking. It will provide greater access to a larger array of services than any clinic in our system.”

Open Door was awarded a multi-million dollar grant in October 2010 to construct the new facility by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration under the Affordable Care Act. The grant came with one big condition: the building must be finished by September 2012. “It has been a race to get everything done, from purchasing the land to designing the building to gaining the necessary approvals from the City and selecting the contractor. With the help of many people, we’re finally ready to begin construction,” says Herrmann Spetzler. “The time frame is definitely a challenge, but we are confident of meeting the deadlines. We expect site work to begin in the next few days,” says Johnson.

According to Spetzler, an official groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for October, “but we’re not waiting to get the construction started.”

Nurses Call for Tax on Wall Street, Host Soup Kitchen in Old Town Eureka

August 31, 2011 86 comments

[Press Release] — RNs to sponsor soup kitchens, food pantries, speak outs on the need for jobs, healthcare, education, housing – and outline the RN plan on how to pay for it.

From Maine to California, nurses, joined by others fed up with the ongoing economic crisis, will call on Congress members in their local district offices September 1 to support a tax on Wall Street financial speculation, a revenue source fast becoming an international norm, to pay for healing the nation.

Events, from soup kitchens to help feed the hungry and homeless, to community speak outs to street theater are planned from major urban centers like Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Orlando, to smaller cities and towns, such as Corpus Christi, TX., Marquette, MI., Bakersfield, CA., Dayton, OH., and Worcester, MA. National Nurses United is sponsoring the actions.

Nurses will visit the home offices of Republicans and Democrats alike, with a common message. Everyday Americans are hurting, and they need jobs, healthcare, housing, quality education, nutrition, and a secure retirement, not more cuts, as has been the obsession of Congress.

Join Nurses in Eureka for a Main Street Action: 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Soup Kitchen at 2nd Street and F Street. At 11:30 a.m. a delegation will head to Representative Mike Thompson’s office at 317 3rd Street, Eureka.

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State of Health Care in Eureka

November 14, 2010 132 comments

[Guest post by Tom Fredriksen.]

First, I want to start off by saying Mother and Daughter are doing fine. The reason will become clear shortly.

St. Joseph’s in Eureka was the birthplace of my daughter, and as of a couple of hours ago, my new Grand Daughter.

It was a rough labor. Two days, and things started to go wrong on the second day. Very wrong.

Without going into the details here, the end result required a hurried “C” section.

Let me set the mood. It is 9:00pm, the front door of the hospital is locked, the only way in or out is via the Emergency Room door. A procedure in place of checking in with the staff and entrance to the hospital proper. Sounds good on the surface doesn’t it?

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