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KIEM claims copyright on poop and pee footage

November 18, 2011 47 comments

It appears that KIEM (Channel 3 TV Nooze) would like you to forget about that whole “who pooped and peed on the bank” incident as shown by the message in place of where the footage shot by its reporters used to be (see Gawker, Lost Coast Outpost).

KIEM was soooo sure of its reporters’ professionalism that raw footage of an attempt to pin a pile of sidewalk poop on Occupy Eureka protesters was posted to the station website.  Reporter Betsy Lambert also uploaded it to YouTube.

But when people far and wide began criticizing Lambert’s infamous refrain, she un-YouTubed it.

Now KIEM appears to be moving to scrub all evidence of the incident from the internets.  Good luck with that.  A quick search of YouTube shows several other people grabbed the footage and reposted it for all their friends to see.

The whole world is watching.

Feces remix

November 9, 2011 12 comments

Big day for #Defegate — KIEM TV’s quest to bust the alleged scoundrel  “who pooped and peed on the bank.” First, a national website took notice, then a song was quickly written and recorded. Or, perhaps, inspired.

Now we have the remix that cuts to the meat of the matter.

[h/t Lost Coast Outpost, who has been on this shit all day, including this morning radio bit with John Matthews on KSLG.]