The Marina Center is Dead

February 19, 2014 19 comments

DOAA new local blog, the Tuluwat Examiner, reveals that Eureka loudmouth Rob Arkley has redirected his website — which once featured fancy still and animated renderings of a Home Depot-based mall — to his generic Security National www address.

The Examiner has a timeline of key events in the Marina Center saga which despite all the money, threats, fake-o ballot measures and puppet politicians has lead exactly nowhere while Arkley himself continues to stonewall the Coastal Commission on his much fought-over project. And, of course, the Balloon Track site remains a toxic, leaky mess polluting Humboldt Bay.

Scroll back through the Herald’s extensive coverage of the Marina Center sideshow.  Or better yet, click over to the Tuluwat Examiner to keep up with current local events.

Matthew Owen still crying about the Humboldt Herald

November 12, 2013 222 comments

MATTHEW-Owen-HumboldtFRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS: How the heck are you?  Been a long while, it has.

We had good times, didn’t we?  Kvetching about this or that local policy, development plan or politician’s string-pulling, ghost-writing husband.

And while the Humboldt Herald has left the proverbial building, strong memories remain.  Just today, Humboldt County’s political king-maker, Matthew Owen, despite his great success in electing every DINO and nincompoop to local office, is still sucking sour grapes.

Ah, well.  At least he can glory in the vast improvements he and his BFF Rob Arkley created by building the Marina Center, amiright?

Like my friend Samuel Clemens always says, it’s more fun to run a pseudonymous blog than to fight a losing battle with the Coastal Commission.

While Humboldt County is drowning in Owen’s political triumphs, at least these two jokers are still having fun.




EiC meets EPD

February 28, 2013 107 comments

penWhen I was growing up, I remember someone explaining to me why assaulting a police officer was more significant than someone assaulting a plain-old-citizen. “If someone’s going to assault someone who carries a gun and has police authority,” the person said, “imagine what they’d do to someone without those things. They’re doubly dangerous.”

In the North Coast Journal this week, editor in chief Carrie Peyton Dahlberg describes her treatment when she attempted to observe and document police activity in the main library’s parking lot. It’s important reading for anyone who lives, works, or shops in Eureka.

If the police act like this to someone who has already identified themselves as an employee of a local newsweekly, what do they do to regular folk? And what do you think the police must think of the local press’ willingness to report what they observe?

Brava, Carrie Peyton Dahlberg. Brava! In my opinion, Eureka should honor you as citizen of the year.

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Voting Rights Act on Thursday Night Talk

February 27, 2013 2 comments

Tonight on KHSU at 7:00.  We’ll discuss what looks to be a SCOTUS gutting of the Voting Rights Act.  It was argued yesterday (or it will be yesterday in less than an hour), and there were some pretty remarkable comments, including an extraordinary statement from Justice Scalia arguing that because the 2006 extension of the provisions applying to problem areas of the country was practically unanimous, it means that voting rights have become a “racial entitlement.”

My guests:

Ryan Emenaker is a professor of political science at College of the Redwoods. His research  focuses on judicial politics and separation of powers. He has written numerous pieces on the history and role of the Supreme Court. His most recent article, on why the Supreme Court should uphold the Voting Rights Act, appeared on SCOTUSblog the premier news and research site on the Supreme Court.

Mohamad Alnakhlawi is an honors student at College of the Redwoods majoring in political science who plans to apply his education of political institutions and interests to a career in journalism and or public policy and law.

Mercedes Scoles- is an honor’s student, a political science major and plans on a career in public policy or education.

Quote of the Day

February 27, 2013 13 comments


“I am sympathetic to the myriad challenges that public officials and administrators face, but I also expect our leaders to work diligently to find solutions. I expect them to negotiate in good faith, to seek compromise, and when there is funding available, I expect them to do the right thing. In this case, an impartial fact finder has already stated, and the county has acknowledged, that resources are available to pay the modest increase sought [by local home care workers].”

Peter LaVallee

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Got News? Got Feedback?

February 25, 2013 15 comments

operatorsFor what seems like years, there’s been nobody able to respond to the official Herald contact addresses.  So some of us have decided to set up a temporary address.  You can write the Herald at

Operators are standing by.

If you have press releases, feedback, complaints, tips, etc., you can share them at that email, which we will try to mention in new posts.  This address will be deleted when Heraldo returns.

Planning Commision Politics

February 22, 2013 22 comments

The Board of Supervisors selects an at-large P.C. rep on Tuesday. Some great names on the list. Hank has an excellent post on the matter, and he’s probably right about the outcome.

Still, in my opinion the best name on the list is John Rogers, a Redway resident who has served with the Institute for Sustainable Forestry and spent a long time on the Redway Community Services District. Will the BOS have the good sense to appoint him?

I’ll be writing a more detailed post in support of John over the weekend. Now is the time to contact your Supervisor!